Foberry Corporate Service allows businesses and organizations to dress both male and female employees identically and in a style that is representative of their brand. Our staff of expert stylists will work with you to build a one-of-a-kind outfit based on our huge selection of fits and materials, whether you're looking for an accent piece or a full wardrobe.

To achieve a personalized fit, each outfit is built to measure in-store or at your office. You will have the option of having a tailor present to make any necessary modifications at no extra cost upon delivery (usually within 8 weeks).

If you'd rather leave it up to your employees to choose their own style, you can register a store account for them to buy at their leisure. We gladly provide skilled tailors and stylists to assist you in selecting an outfit depending on your chosen aesthetic.

Foberry routinely collaborates with well-known brands and organizations on promotional events, wardrobe partnerships, co-branded collaborations, and other projects.

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