Who we are?

Foberry was founded in 2018 with a much-felt need that bespoke tailoring equipped with modern fashion art is rare and became too expensive. This need led us to the exploration of new horizons with the eagerness to change the traditional way of the global fashion industry. With a solid aim to provide superior apparel quality, we took an initiative and embarked on a journey to leave an everlasting footprint by adding the value of personalization in daily life.

What we do?

Equipped with tailored strategies to provide personalized brand wear, we eliminated the factor of overpriced luxury customized products. Enabled the diligently maintained quality process of fabric designing to garment manufacturing and letting it drift to your doorstep at a convenient price. Evolving constantly to craft and style your outfits for every occasion with the vision to become the trendsetters of the modern era. Following the concept of “Slow Fashion” which means crafting low-priced, exclusive, and classy attires which are made to last a lifetime.

How we do?

Possessing modern-day fashion sense, our teams cater to client-specific requirements and craft bespoke masterpieces while prioritizing their emotions and lifestyle needs. We believe in crafting the garment that depicts yourself; thus, our designers communicate with you to understand your desire and then take out the comfy and modern patterns for your size and style. Our Customer Services Representatives make sure that you are satisfied with your custom outfits which are tailored to your unique preferences.

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