Shirt Fit Guide

Shirt Fit:
The corporate sector’s meetings, formal meetings, and celebrative occasions are all about your style, confidence, and personality. Confidence and trust come when you are dressed up with a qualitative fit shirt with an astonishing fabric and having no wrinkles. We help you dress up classy, stylish, and charismatic.

Slim Fit:

The upper body of the shirt is tailored with a concept to provide ultimate fitness when worn and left with very little room. Sides of the slim fit shirts are tapered to prominent the body fitness. Sleeves are tighter as well to suit the context of slim-fit. The armhole is higher with no excessive fabric but comfortably tight.

Smart Fit:

  • Narrowed to eliminate the blousy effect.
  •  More breathing room with light fitting.
  • Providing some air and ventilation, the standard-fit is loose around your body but not much droopy.
  • Smart fit eases you to fit well in the shirt and look professional. The skin-tight feeling is eliminated in
    the smart fit. It is tighter but not as much tighter as the slim-fit.

Regular Fit: -

The regular fit gives a feel of the classic-fitting, basically a traditional style shirt. With more room for ventilation, the shirt is looser as compared to the smart fit but considerably comfortable. Armholes are a bit loser and stitches from the chest are also loose enough that you can move freely.

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